IEVS UFO Resources 449-20-85

(Revised 06/01/04 ML #2928)

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Interest amounts received in any amount less than $49.99 for the reporting year per recipient will be excluded. This translates into accounts generally less than $500 when applying the interest rate of 5%. If the information is within the tolerance level, it will automatically show on tracking screen as being correct. The eligibility worker will not be required to take action on those individuals; however, the eligibility worker should review those alerts to determine whether possible fraudulent activities exist for non-reporting. If the UFO information is greater than the tolerance level, the worker must work the IEVS alert.


Also, the following data elements will be excluded:


State/Local Tax Refund

Discharge of Indebtedness

Debt Outstanding

Debt Satisfied

Stocks and Bonds

Unemployment Compensation (for in-state payees only)